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Communal TV reception problems ?

Communal Satellite reception problems ?

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Communal TV aerial repairs communal satellite repairs

Our communal aerial satellite repair team will provide a fast and cost effective repair to any communal TV aerial or communal satellite system.
Whether the report of faults is from a single resident or the whole system we are usually able to get the system back up and running in a single visit.

Transparent and up front communal aerial repair prices
We have no hidden extra’s and are always up front with our prices, you are always in control of the cost of the repairs so there are no nasty surprises when we present our bill.
Communal TV Aerial repair cost satellite and IRS
A communal TV Aerial repair costs from £65.00 + vat + parts.
Satellite system and IRS (integrated receiving system) repairs carry the same initial charge but may take more time (depending on the fault).

What we include
The initial charge covers the call out and 1st 60 minutes diagnostic labour but can also include some of the more simple repairs experienced with communal systems e.g. single resident; TV setup/tuning, loose cable connections, replacement outlet labour, diagnosis of faulty receiving equipment.
Entire or partial system failure; e.g. power outage to system amplifier.
Alignment or adjustment of dish or TV aerials.
Others charge comparable prices just to call them out. Always wise to check what is included.

Additional labour
We are usually able to diagnose the cause of the fault within the 1st 60 minutes however sometimes this may take longer, this may be the case if you have a larger multiple amplifier system, the system could have more than one fault causing the problems, some aerials/dishes/amplifiers are harder to access than others.
If more time is required our engineer would advise you as soon as he can estimate the time he needs and seek your authorisation to proceed.
If needed an additional 30 minutes labour is £30.00 + vat.

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Communal system parts when needed
It is not always possible to carry out a proper lasting repair without parts, as soon as we find the need for parts our engineer would advise you of the parts needed, why they are needed and if possible give you a fixed price for the total repair including the parts.
We would always seek your authorisation before installing new parts so you are always in control of the final cost of your aerial repair.
We stock a wide range of communal aerial and satellite system spare parts and would usually be able to get your system back up and running within a single visit, if we do not have the required parts on board we can have them next day.
We do not scrimp on materials, the replacement parts we would install would be branded quality materials and fully fit for the intended purpose.

Fixed cost communal system repairs
You can set a limit for the cost of your system repair, useful for emergency out of hours calls, if you are not available when our engineer is working on site or you have multiple sites that require attention, Our office manager can discuss your exact requirements.
Free report of works
After every communal system repair we would provide a comprehensive written report of the works completed, if the repair requires further works or additional authorisation is required we would promptly submit our report and recommendations along with if possible a fixed price quotation.
Repair quotation and system report
We are unfortunately unable to provide a free quotation for a system repair however can provide a comprehensive system report.
A report is chargeable at our standard hourly rates, we would only charge for our time on site, the written report would be included free of charge.
A report is useful if you have taken over the maintenance of a multi dwelling unit with reception problems or you are considering a system upgrade.

4 G LTE interference
Currently problems are very rare as 4 G is not yet transmitting at full power.

If you think your system is suffering 4 G interference give us a call we can test your system, filter out the interference or offer alternatives to get your residents trouble free digital reception.

Our communal aerial and satellite repairs are covered by our twelve month parts and labour guarantee.
Keeping your communal repair costs down
There are several ways you can prepare for our visit to keep your costs down.
Access is usually required to the resident’s dwelling that has reported the fault, we can liase directly with the resident to arrange the appointment if required.
If the entire system is down we can if needed go ahead with the call without access to an individual dwelling but will need access to the communal areas which may require keys or access codes.
Our communal engineers carry FB keys and Hex type keys, if the system amplifier cupboards need other keys can these be on site ? special keys can be collected if needed but we do charge our travel time from collection point to site for this service.
Roof access when needed.
We have very large ladders available to gain roof access however if internal access to the roof aerial array can be made available this can save time.

Scheduled system maintenance
Communal systems can last years without attention however if left unmaintained will develop faults and cause residents to complain.
We offer maintenance plans to suit most systems usually to include two yearly inspection of the external communal system components.
Similar to a system report we also include a full inspection and also report or fix/replace any components likely to fail in the near future regular maintenance can prevent system failure and reduce later repair costs.
Maintenance packages can also offer reduced cost call outs to residents and lower call out price plans.

New account customers welcome
Don’t have an account yet, No problem we will invoice for our works, we can set up your account quickly, if needed whilst our service engineer is on route.
Other paperwork.
We have all required insurance documentation, CRB certification and health and safety documents available for your files, our engineer would carry out site specific dynamic risk assessments on site and have this paperwork to hand if required.

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